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Economic Growth and Regulatory Paperwork Reduction Act

Archives: Federal Register Notices--2017

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NOTICE: The second EGRPRA review process is complete and the 2017 Report to Congress is now available. Also, note that content (including links) is not updated on this archived page.

To facilitate the EGRPRA review, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System divided our regulations into 12 subject-matter categories. At regular intervals over two years, we jointly published four Federal Register notices for public comment. Each notice addressed one or more categories of these regulations. Click on the categories to the right to see a complete list of regulations included in the EGRPRA review.

On the table below, the “Federal Register” column includes a link to each Federal Register notice we published and the date on which the comment period for each notice closed. The “Categories” column lists the categories addressed in each Federal Register notice and links to the regulations within each category.

During the open comment period, the public could use the “Comments” column to submit a comment directly to the Federal government’s e-rulemaking portal, The public could also submit comments through an agency’s Website, by mail, email, fax, or in person, as indicated in the "Addresses" section of each Federal Register notice. Regardless of the means of submission, all comments received were posted on the Federal government’s e-rulemaking portal, You may click the “Comments” column to read all public comments submitted.


Federal Register Categories Comments

Federal Register Notice #1

79 FR 32172

Comment Period End: September 2, 2014

1. Applications and Reporting
2. Powers and Activities
3. International Operations

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Federal Register Notice #2

80 FR 7980

Comment Period End: May 14, 2015

4. Banking Operations
5. Capital
6. Community Reinvestment Act

Federal Register Notice #3

80 FR 32046

Comment Period End: September 3, 2015

7. Consumer Protection
8. Directors, Officers and Employees
9. Money Laundering

Federal Register Notice #4

80 FR 79724

81 FR 1923

Comment Period End: March 22, 2016


10. Rules of Procedure
11. Safety and Soundness
12. Securities